Karl-Art Carvings are some of the most unique and expressive wood carvings on the market today. They are all designed and carved by sculptor Karl Neubauer in his Vermont Studio. Drawing on traditional and seasonal imagery, Karl combines this subject matter with the more formal esthetic qualities and sculptural techniques learned from his training and work as a Fine Artist. This combination enables him to create wonderfully expressive and refined sculptures that are accessible both in their size and their subject matter. Through variation in size and complexity, Karl is able to offer his work to a range of clients, from the person who wants a unique and beautiful ornament for their holiday celebration to the serious collector who wants a more complex one-of-a-kind piece for their living space, gallery, or business.

RabbitTeddy Bear in StockingFishing from BoatWitchPumpkin

All Karl-Art Carvings are original basswood carvings. They are painted with acrylic stains and finished with a matt urethane. Every piece is engraved with the year that it was created, its identification number, and the Karl-Art insignia or Karl's personal signature.


Karl's unique creations include snowmen, Santas, Father Christmas, wood elves, Halloween and Easter figures, animals, fishermen, and many others.

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